How to Migrate from a Flextheme to Pronto?

In the following tutorial, we’ll show how to switch from your Flextheme to Pronto. To migrate your website content, we recommend using Flo Launch or a staging environment to avoid downtime.

If you are using any ACF plugins, please make sure to deactivate them during the migration process.

The Process

  1. Enable Flo Launch/ Staging Environment
  2. Install Pronto
  3. Run through the Wizard: activate your Order ID, install your required plugins.
  4. Start the migration process (see below). Migrate blocks inside Pages, Posts & Galleries that use Custom Layouts.
  5. Check our Dashboard and Gutenberg Overview tutorials, to get familiar with how Pronto works.
  6. Rebuild your Header, Footer and Global & Custom Layouts.
  7. Make adjustments to your content: General Settings, layouts, Pages. 

Important Note

The Migration plugin works exclusively with Flexthemes. If you currently have a Classic, or a Legacy theme, please note that you will not be able to use the plugin.

When it comes to the migration process, your existing Flexblocks, WP blocks (most of them), Galleries, and Blog Posts will be migrated directly to Pronto. You'd still need to configure general settings and double-check that all your pages were properly migrated. Minor adjustments might be necessary.

If you had previous customizations made to your blocks or you used the Flo Pack 1 plugin, please note these will not be migrated. 

Blocks that will NOT be migrated are:  Contact Form and Newsletter blocks; custom-built Galleries and Blog Posts might not be transferred completely (read the information below for more details, section Migrating Posts and Galleries); any customizations you previously had applied to your website (including the customizations created by our team). Your settings and global layouts will also not be migrated.

Once you activate Pronto, the default header, footer & global layouts which come with the theme will be applied to your website, that's why if you are trying to get a similar layout as in your old theme - you need to rebuild these or change the Global layout.

Rebuild your Header & Footers

Once you activate Pronto a default header & footer layout will be applied to your website.

To change the layout go to Flothemes Tab -> Headers (switch to another Flothemes header or create a custom header). Make sure to "Set it as global" & check that you have a menu selected or create a new one if you are starting with a new website setup.

To change the global footer go to Flothemes -> Footer tab. It's a similar approach as it is with headers: select a Flotheme footer or create a custom one and click to "Set it as global".

  The only thing you need to pay attention to is the Copyright Section, make sure to change the Copyright Notice and customize it to your own styling as well.

How to start with Flo Migration?

In case you didn't install the migration plugin at theme setup step (via the wizard) you can start migration later from the Flothemes tab:

Important Note:

If the above tab is not visible for you under Flotheme, it means the migration process is completed. You should now go to your Pages and start the migration from there, as the process is done for each page individually.

To migrate blocks inside pages, go to your page & in the right sidebar, you will find all the blocks that you can migrate from your old website to the new one.

You should be able to migrate any block except the newsletter & contact blocks - these need to be rebuilt and set up on your new website - you need to add your Mailchimp code/ Contact Form shortcode.

If you had blocks that were using an existing Gallery or Slideshow, all your images inside that gallery/slideshow will be migrated into a new Flo Gallery or Flo Slideshow Block.

Migrating Posts

  • Migrating Posts that are using Global Layouts

Once you activate Pronto the default Global Post Layout will be applied to all your posts that were using a Global Layout on your website.

As everything you had in the WP Content will be migrated into the Gutenberg editing area, all you need to do is rebuild your Global Layout - i.e. change the layout of the Tittle Block, add new Flex or Flo Gutenberg Blocks.

  • Migrating Posts that are using Custom Layouts

Make sure to check all your posts that were using a Custom Layout on your old website as these may have blocks available to be migrated. It's going to be a similar process as in pages - if there are blocks that can be transferred to your new website on Pronto you will find these in the right sidebar.

Migrating Galleries

As with posts & pages, all your galleries will inherit a default Global Layout which comes with Pronto. The WP Content and your images are going to be migrated, you need to edit the Global Layout to get a similar look as on your old website and verify the Galleries with Custom Layouts.

For Galleries with Custom, Layouts make sure to check them and import the blocks that can be migrated.

Migration Progress Status Bar

Once you activate the Flo Migration plugin a popup will appear which will ask you to go through a verification process of your pages, posts & galleries, to check for blocks that can be migrated. Once the checking is complete you can go to pages, posts, and galleries and see a migration status bar which will indicate if your page has any blocks to migrate and how many:

Once you start migrating the blocks the status will get updated accordingly:

Once you migrated all your blocks and global layouts, you are ready with the migration from your previous theme! 

We'd recommend checking all pages to make any required polishes for both the desktop and mobile version.

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