Pronto Installation

1. Temporary Domain/ Live Website Install

Before activating the theme, it is important to distinguish 2 instances. First, if you will install it on a temporary domain (staging) or on your live website.

In case you will install the theme on your live website, we'd recommend using our FloLaunch plugin to create a test website and work on it privately. The good part is that any other users will see your default website, meaning you'll have zero downtime while working with Pronto.

A full tutorial on how to use FloLaunch can be found here.

After you enabled the clone mode using FloLaunch or have set up the staging environment, you can proceed to the next point.

2. Download your theme

To install your theme, you first need to login into your Flotheme Account and download Pronto.

3. Check Files

Make sure that your downloaded file is a .zip file. For Mac users, the file is often unzipped.

In this case, make sure to compress the unzipped folder.

4. Install Theme

Log into your WordPress site, then go to Appearance > Themes > Add New:

Select Upload Theme > Choose File > and locate your theme on your local computer (the .zip file that we previously mentioned) > click the Install Now button. WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you.

You are now ready to activate your theme. Simply click the Activate link:

5. Setup Wizard - Activate Theme, Install FlexBlock, Flo Gutenberg Blocks, and Flo Migration.

The Wizard will be triggered at theme activation & it will help to:

- Install the required plugins (FlexBlock & Flo Gutenberg Blocks).

- Activate your theme license by confirming or adding your Order Key. 

- Install the recommended plugins (Flo Forms & Flo Migration).

- Choose your Website Template, in case you are installing Pronto All in One. 
You can choose out of a list of 9 Website Templates templates or Start Blank/ Do not install anything.

- Migrate your content from your previous Flextheme, in case you're switching themes.

Migration from Flexthemes

Flo Migration plugin will help you migrate the blocks from your previous Flextheme to Pronto.
If you had a Classic, Legacy theme or a 3d party theme, please note that the Migration Step will be missed in your case.

You can start the migration at this step, or migrate later. Once the Migration Check is completed, you'll be redirected to your Pages list. When you will open any page, you'll be asked which blocks you prefer to migrate.

 If you decide to activate the Flo Migration plugin later and exit the wizard without migrating the content, you can find the "Start Migration" option inside the Flothemes tab:


Important: To be able to use Pronto, you'll need to delete/deactivate the Classic Editor plugin, if you have it installed.

If you are starting with a new website, once you activate Pronto Theme, the Pronto Style Kit will be set as Global.

If you install Pronto on top of a Flex theme, your Global Style Kit won't change as these 2 themes are using the same font system (the Global Style Kit of the Pronto Theme will be the one you set as Global for your Flextheme). Also you will get access to the style kits of your previous themes + unique blocks (ie. if you moved from June to Pronto, you get Pronto theme blocks + June Style Kits blocks). 

If you are working on a staging or temporary domain, you'll need to first deactivate your order ID from your main domain, to be able to activate it on the temporary one. If you're having trouble with the activation process, feel free to submit a ticket here

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