Pronto Dashboard Overview

When it comes to Pronto's options, it is important to understand that even though the options are structured and located similarly to the previous 2 generations of themes (Classic and Flex), some of the options are working differently and there are even new things.

Flex Admin area.

Flex Admin - this is the section, that has remained unchanged from the previous generation of themes.
If you're not familiar with it, this area is responsible for the most global settings for the theme, like theme activation, style kit selection, your typography, and color schemes' settings. You can find a detailed overview of it here, or you can watch the video above [01:05-04:00].

The main components area "My Account", " Style Kits", "Edit Style".

  • My Account  -  here you'll find your account information (Order Key, Purchases, Global Style Kit and information about your Support Subscription).
    Please note that to be able to use Pronto, you need to have an active Support Subscription. If you installed Pronto and then your subscription expired, both your Flexblock and Gutenberg Blocks will stop working. 
  • Style Kits  -  includes the style kits listing.
  • Edit Style  -  here you can edit fonts & colors for your Global Style Kit.

Flothemes Settings

Header and Footer Tabs

Two really important tabs are the Header and the Footer tabs. 
Similar to the previous generations, here will be possible to adjust the global header and the global footer layouts. What's new though is that you can also create your custom layouts from this area, which can be used throughout your website.

Previously, you had to manually build and customize your Footer/Header on each page where you didn't use the Global layout. 

For more information about this, we suggest checking our detailed article here.

Layouts Tab

The Layouts tab is equivalent to the previous Posts and Galleries, that were previously present in the Classic and Flex themes. Here you'll have the possibility to create more customized layouts for Posts and Galleries. Like in the case of the Headers and Footers, it will no more be needed to customize the layout separately on each page or post. Simply create the desired layouts here and then select them directly inside the post or gallery. Also, for more information about this, we suggest checking our detailed article here.

Style Tab

The next tab is the Style one. For our users that were with us for more generations of themes, they know for sure that this section was a hectic one. Different font style options and color ones were moved across this tab, the Generics one, and the Flex Admin section. But now, it is compiled in a more comfortable way. Yay!

Since the Style tab is normally based on fonts and colors, it is divided into three more subtabs:

  1. Typography & Colors - which acts only as a reminder that those options can be found in the Flex Admin area.
  2. Generic Typography - which is responsible for changing the fonts of the Gutenberg Blocks, that are not Flo. All Flo blocks have a font selector, that works based on the Flex Admin area, but the standard Gutenberg blocks do not have such options, thus their fonts can be adjusted here.
  3. Form Style - which is responsible for adjusting the fonts and colors of the contact forms that are generated by the most popular free plugins like Contact Form 7, WP Forms, Ninja Forms. Those plugins normally inherit the styles of the activated theme and there might be cases when it is done poorly and you have no options to adjust them. But, with these settings that will be possible.

Generics Tab

The last tab is the Generics one. This has all the settings similar to the previous generations of themes. Here it will be possible to:

  1. add claiming scripts (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Pinterest, Hotjar, etc.)
  2. add custom CSS and JS code for visual styling
  3. configure the styling of all Links across the site
  4. enabling/disabling the fading effect
  5. configure the preloader of the site
  6. to see the theme's changelog
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