Classic Theme to Pronto Migration

Pronto is a new core theme developed by Flo, it's the next logical evolution of our products, and is meant to freely work with most third-party plugins while delivering higher performance and operation speed levels. It is the optimal choice for those who are looking to increase their website's overall speed and performance.

Pronto is a subscription-based product, therefore after you purchase one of our FlexThemes, you will receive one free year of Support Subscription. Taking this into account, your Pronto theme will be available for the same period of time. Once your subscription expires, your Pronto build website won't stop working, but you will no longer be able to edit FlexBlocks. Next, you have several choices, you can choose to either prolong your subscription plan and continue editing your website as previously, leave your website as it is, or switch to the FlexTheme that you bought originally. Switching back to a FlexTheme is a mostly effortless process since the majority of Pronto-built content will be structured in FlexBlocks.

When it comes to migrating to Pronto, your first step is to have purchased any FlexTheme, which in turn will give you access to the Pronto theme itself. 

Once you've gained access to Pronto, we recommend installing it on a cloned version of your website, by using Flo Launch or staging environment, in order to avoid downtime.

Once you activate Pronto, the default header, footer, and global layouts, which come with the theme, will be automatically applied to your website. Therefore, if you're trying to achieve a layout similar to the one on your old theme, we recommend adjusting or changing the Global layouts altogether.

The next step concerns Post & Galleries. Everything you had inside your WP content will get migrated, together with the meta box with the images inside the Galleries. Please keep in mind that if your content was built within the Classic Editor as opposed to the Gutenberg one, you will have to convert the post's content to blocks, one by one.

Our last step is to rebuild the pages. If you used Flex Blocks with your Classic Theme, you can export & import them, via the import/export option, to your new site that has Gutenberg Theme. Unfortunately, when it comes to the predefined blocks from the Classic Theme, they aren't available in Pronto. Hence, we recommend rebuilding them with the help of the FlexBlock builder. And taking into account the flexibility of our builder, this shouldn't be too hard or take too long!

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