Setting up the Footer

Table of Contents:

  1. Footer Overview
  2. Instagram Feed
  3. Copyrights Area
  4. Global & Custom Footer Layout
  5. Removing FloThemes credits icon with Flo Footer Credits plugin

1. Footer Overview

Footer – a small block of the content located at the bottom of your website. Most of the time this area includes Social Media Links, Copyright texts, etc.

With Pronto, there's no limitation when it comes to the type of content you can add here.

The Footer will be created inside the Gutenberg Editor, where you can add one (or several) blocks to display your Instagram Feed, Footer Menu, Contact details, etc. 

To manage your Footer content go to Flotheme – Footer section. It is mainly constructed from 2 sections: The Copyright area and the Footer itself, which will open the Gutenberg Editor.

Inside the Flothemes Footers Tab, you can use the predefined designs for your Footer Area, whereas in the Custom Footers tab you can create your own design, either by duplicating an existing layout or start from scratch. The goal with these 2 sections is to create the Global and Custom Footer Layouts that you will use throughout your website.

By editing/ duplicating an existing layout or creating a new one, the Gutenberg Editor will open and you can start by either adding a Flexblock and start working on your content, or integrate your Instagram account first by using a third-party shortcode. 

Thus, you can choose to display your Instagram Feed first, then the footer menu, or vice-versa. It's all up to you, depending on the design you envisioned for your Footer Layout.

NOTE: If you have a Custom Style Kit enabled on a specific page, the colors and fonts will be inherited from this specific style kit, not the one from your Global Style Kit.

2. Instagram Feed

Adding or connecting your Instagram account is an important component of the website Footer.

With Pronto, there are 2 ways how you can display your Instagram Feed:

1. Created with the Image Grid element 2. Created with a third-party plugin like Smash Ballon

With option #1 you can manually upload images to your Instagram Feed using the Image Grid element, and then simply link it to your Instagram profile.

If you decide to have a live Instagram Feed select option #2. For a more detailed overview please refer to the following article.

3. Copyrights Area

In this area you can change your Copyrights Area settings: The settings you can adjust for your Copyrights Area include customizing the following:– Background Color – Elements Color – Copyright Notice (the text) & Font – Enable or hide Scroll to Top Button – Scroll to Top Label & Font – Enabling/Disabling the Flothemes icon and/or the whole Copyrights block.

4. Global & Custom Footer Layout 

Once you have created the design for your footer, go ahead and select your Global Layout:

Inside the pages, the Footer placeholder block was removed. The Global Footer is added by default to all page templates and the settings are identical to the ones located in Flotheme – Footer section.  If you want to use a Custom Footer Layout, you can disable the "Use Global" setting and select another Layout from the dropdown menu.

Note that the options available for a Custom Footer are the designs and layouts you have previously created inside the Flothemes Footers and the Custom Footers tabs. 

5. Removing the FloThemes credits icon with Flo Footer Credits plugin

There is a plugin that will help you to remove it and it is available for all Pronto All-In-One owners.

All you have to do is to download the Flo Footer Credits plugin from your Flothemes account and install it on the website. After the plugin is installed the footer credits will disappear. The only steps that are required here are to install a plugin and activate it – the plugin activation will automatically remove the icon.

If you want to add something else instead of the FloThemes credit icon, for example, an icon or link,  you can do that by editing the Flo Footer Credits option.

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