How to duplicate a Flex Block

In case you are looking for a way to duplicate a Flex block and save time when building a new page, you can use the integrated option of exporting and importing the block.

In order to do that, you need to edit the page where the Flex block is located, select the block and click on ”Export” to save the block’s .json file, which will be downloaded to your computer.

After you do that, on the page where you would like to use the exported block, you have to add a blank Flex block, then select it and click on ”Import”, and select the previously downloaded .json file. Open the builder and you will see the content of the exported block that you can now tweak further or keep it as it is, but don’t forget to update the page after importing the block.

NOTE: It is not recommended to import a block on the same page where it was exported from or to add the same block twice on another page because the block has a unique ID and that will cause conflicts between the blocks.

Another way to duplicate a block, but which is more recommended when using a specific block layout on multiple pages, is to save the layout inside the builder as a predefined block, and then you can add a new blank Flex block on the same or another page, and select that saved layout to apply it to the blank Flex block.

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