Pronto All-in-One subscription cancellation

If you decided to cancel your subscription, you can do that by clicking "Cancel" in the "Subscription" tab of your "My Account".

Please note that if you don't prolong your subscription or choose to cancel, the following areas will be affected:


  • You won't be able to edit existing blocks or create new ones.
  • Access to the Flex Block library will be locked.
  • Flex Admin will be disabled, locking access to modifications of colors and fonts across the whole site.
  • Editing and modifications of the header and footer will be disabled.
  • Access to Page Templates will be locked, so new pages will have to be created using the regular Gutenberg interface only.


  • You won't be able to receive assistance from our Support Team.
  • Your theme and plugins will no longer receive updates.

The areas that are not affected:

  • Existing pages won't be affected, even if they have Flex Blocks as part of their structure. However, you will no longer be able to edit these Flex Blocks.
  • Gutenberg and Flex Gutenberg blocks will be unaffected.
  • Your website can continue to be used but can be updated solely with Gutenberg blocks.
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