How to submit a support ticket?

Depending on the complexity and nature of your issue, we'd recommend following these steps first before submitting a ticket:

  1. Check from a different device/ incognito. If the issue is not present anymore, then clear your browser's & server's cache
  2. Make sure your theme, plugins, and WordPress version are up-to-date.
  3. Before updating everything, we recommend making a backup of your website first. In order to do so, get in touch with your hosting and kindly ask them to do it for you or use a backup plugin.


    1. Backup;
    2. Update WordPress/theme/plugins;
    3. Update your browser;
    4. Clear cache afterward.

  1. Make sure your website is secure. Here's a guide to see if your website is not secure and how to solve this.
  2. Check if you're using any of the prohibited plugins. This is the full list of Recommended plugins and Black Listed Plugins.
  3. Search your issue.
  4. If the above didn't help, the best is to submit a ticket here.
After submitting a ticket, a confirmation with your ticket number should hit your inbox.

If you didn’t receive one, please resubmit your ticket or email us directly at, stating that you didn’t receive a ticket number. We really want to be sure that your message was received and you get the assistance you require.
If you got your ticket number via email, stay put as our support team will get in touch with you shortly, and help!

NOTE: Our team is available for support from Monday to Friday between 7:00am - 6:00pm GMT+3. Urgent matters will be given priority.

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