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SEO plugins are a handy tool but don’t expect magic from them. Just installing a plugin to your website won’t be enough. You should take some time to learn about the capabilities of the plugin and how to set it up correctly to get the maximum of its potential.

Taking the latest updates into consideration, Yoast SEO works with Flex Block content as well.

The best way to check your score, regardless of your theme or blocks, is by using this tool. In this way, you’ll be able to analyze the content based on your front end.

Both classic themes and FlexThemes work perfectly fine SEO-wise and can be seen and indexed by Google without any problems. Google will be able to read your content and rank it accordingly.

  • Real-time Content Analysis by Yoast –  checks the SEO score of your content based on a specific keyword. Simply copy-paste all the content from your page into this tool and include one keyword. It will check how well your page is optimized for that particular keyword.
  • Heading checkers – check H1 to H6 headings on FlexThemes. Note: not all tools will work, because headings in FlexThemes are inserted dynamically with JavaScript. That’s why you need a tool that can read JavaScript code. Here is a list of recommended checkers:
  • SEOptimer heading tag checker – this web tool will show you all the headings present on a specific page. Simply include your page in the checker and get the results.
  • SEO Minion extension – this is a handy extension for Chrome or Firefox which allows you to analyze your on-page SEO and highlight all your headings.
  • headingsMap – another browser extension that you can use to see the structure of your headings.  

Keyword density – check the most prominent words on your page. These tools might be useful when you create new content and want to target a set of predefined keywords. Also, you can use these tools to optimize existing content.

  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool – use this useful web tool to check the number of words on a specific page and most prominent keywords.

    Keyword Density Checker – this simple web tool will give you an overview of your most popular words on a specific page. You can also copy and paste your text to check the density of your keywords (this is the recommended method for more accurate results).

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