FloForms Kreativ Management Integration

Kreativ Management is a management tool that allows you to spend less time on bureaucracy, emails, and planning and spend more time on taking care of the creative part of your business. You can plan emails, send automatic emails to your contacts, track and personalize your emails, and many more.

This article explains how to set the Kreativ Management extension with our Flo Forms Plugin. For this extension to work you’ll first need to install the Flo Forms plugin.


For setting up the extension, it is first required to download it. If you are using the FloForm Pro version or if you're a Pronto All-in-One user, this extension will be available to be downloaded from your Flothemes account.

Once downloaded, you’ll have a .zip file named flo-forms-kreativ-management-integration.

To upload the plugin, go to your WordPress admin panel, go to plugins, and “add new”, then click on “upload plugin”, as shown below:

From here you can select your plugin, or drag and drop it into the "choose file" section, and then hit install now:

Lastly, you have to activate the plugin and that's everything you need to do for the installation process.

Connecting Flo Forms and Kreativ Management

Now that you’ve activated the plugin, you need to create your Flo Form.

Here you can find an article related to how to build a new FloForm and how to integrate it on your pages.

Next, you need to configure the Kreativ Management extension. For this, you need to go to your Kreativ Management account and log in.

You'll need to set the API token so you make sure the settings are synchronized to your Kreativ account. Then, you'll need to choose the form you want to use the extension for.

This article goes over how to grant your KM API token and how to properly match the fields between FloForms and Kreative Management's Form. 

It is important to correctly structure the information the way you want to get it organized on the Kreativ platform.

This means that you need to "match" the fields from FloForms with the ones from Kreativ Management. Ie the "Full Name" field from FloForms should be connected with the "Vorname" field from Kreativ Management. You'd need to do that for each field created.

Once you do that, make sure you click on "Save Mapping" and you're good to go.

Lastly, we recommend going to the page that uses the FloForm connected with Kreativ Management and sending a test inquiry. Double-check afterward that the information submitted through FloForms was sent to your Kreativ Management Account too.

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