FloForms Pro Octoa Integration

The following article explains how to set up Octoa WordPress Integration with Flo Forms.

For this extension to work you’ll need to first have installed our FloForms Plugin. Being a FloForms Pro user, you have access to download the plugin from your Flothemes download account as part of your Pronto All-in-One subscription or Pro membership.


To upload the plugin, go to your WordPress admin panel, click on the Plugins tab, and “Add New”, then “Upload Plugin”:

Select the extension in the uploader and hit “Install Now”.

Click “Activate” as soon as the plugin is done installing.

Now, you will have a new settings option in the Flo Forms Settings area — Flo Forms Octoa Integration:

Connecting Octoa to FloForms

Create a Flo Form. Afterward, you’ll want to link your form to your Octoa account in order to be able to map your fields to relevant fields in Octoa.

First things first, provide an Octoa API key. You can find it in Octoa settings, in the API Integration tab.

Paste it in the related field in Flo Forms Octoa Integration settings. Save your options after.

Mapping Fields

Finally, you’ll want to map the relevant fields from your form to the fields directly in your Octoa one.

Choose a form that you want to map and the one you’re mapping to, then you’ll get all the options available. Save the mapping.

Now that you’ve finished the process, test the form. You will receive new entries as Inquiries in Projects.

That's it, we hope this article was of help! 

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