FloForms integration with Dubsado (Zapier)

This article explains how to integrate FloForms with Dubsado using Zapier. You need to make sure you have the FloForms Pro version to use this option.

Additionally, please note you'll need a paid Zapier plan to use this integration.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Zapier account at zapier.com and make sure to verify your email.
  2. Install and activate FloForms to Webhook plugin.
  3. Go to Zapier and create a new Zap:

4. For the 1st zap step choose the ‘Webhooks by Zapier’ app:

5. For the trigger Event choose – “Catch Hook” and click “Continue”:

6. You can skip the “Set up trigger” step by clicking on Continue if you won’t use a Child Key:

7. Copy the provided “Custom Webhook URL” then you can skip the test step and click on Continue:

8. Go to your website and access the FloForm you want to integrate with Dubsado and paste the Webhook URL inside the Form Setting’s “FloForms to Webhook” field under the Integrations tab. Then click the “Click to integrate now” button. It will send test data to the Zapier webhook and you can use that data later to map it to Dubsado fields.

9. Go back to Zapier and in the “Action” step choose the “Dubsado” app:

10. Click “Continue”:

11. Now go to the Dubsado website, access Settings > Integrations and choose “Zapier” from the list, then generate the API key and copy it:

12. Go back to Zapier and sign into the Dubsado account:

13. Continue to the next step:

14. In the next step make sure to fill in at least the required fields and the ones you might need, then you can test the Zap if you would like or just publish it directly.

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