Anchor Links

If you're trying to add anchor links throughout your website, it's necessary to follow the steps below:

1. Select the block to which you would like to assign an anchor link and expand the “Advanced” dropdown from the right sidebar to add a unique anchor link (i.e. about-section, aboutsection).

2. Now after all the blocks got their specific anchor link, it is necessary to add those links to the menu items/CTA buttons.

For the header navigation we need to edit the header layout block and add each navigation item as a custom link where we will add the anchor link assigned for the specific block:

For more details on how to set up and manage the navigation menu, we recommend checking this article.

Adding the anchor links for the menu items can be done alternatively through the Menus panel:For the buttons that can be done by editing the button element and enabling the URL option where we will add the anchor link assigned for the specific block

If you would like to make the scrolling animation smoother, we recommend adding the following snippet of code inside the Flotheme → Generics panel under the Custom Code tab (CSS placeholder):

html {

scroll-behavior: smooth;

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: smooth;


Hope this was helpful!

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