Disabling a theme license key from an old domain.

Your theme's license can be activated only on one domain. This is why if you're switching domains or websites, you'll first need to disconnect your Order ID from the old domain, before activating it on the new one.

Though sometimes when we move on to a New Domain, we can completely forget that we activated our theme's license on the old one.

At least until we're faced with an error that tells us we need to disconnect the Order ID from the Old Domain before we can proceed.

Fortunately, that's fairly easy to do and we even have two options from which we can choose.

The first one is to access your Flothemes Account and go into the Order Key Activations tab. Once there, just select the Old Domain and press Disconnect.

For the second method, you'll have to access the website of your Old Domain, go to your Dashboard, and select the FlexAdmin tab. Afterward, you just choose to Disconnect Order from the Order Key area on the screen. 

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