Flo Contact Form Block


The Flo Contact Form Block's main purpose is to display a shortcode form within a styled layout. 

The block includes a description area (1.), option to add an image (2.) & the form itself (3.). 

Adding the Block

Add Button >> Flo Blocks >> Flo Contact Form

Adding a Form Shortcode

Flo Contact Block >> Layout >> Form Shortcode

This block supports the majority of form plugins and is most optimized to work with the following ones: Flo Forms, CF7, WPForms & Ninja Forms.


There are 2 main parts to consider when customizing the contact block:

1. Block Content options which can be customized inside the Flo Contact Block (except Form Typography), such as: 

  • 4 layouts to choose from.
  • The image used in image layouts - standalone or as background.
  • Description area (Title, Text, Phone and Email) - show or hide the title & description, customize fonts & colors.
  • Form Fields Color - will be applied to all form text and borders.
  • Submit Button color scheme option.

2. Form Typography

The typography of the form itself is linked to all form styling on the site. These options can be found at Flotheme >> Style >> Form Style.

The style set in this section applies to forms added as shortcodes (Flo Forms, CF7, WPForms & Ninja Forms) or via the Flo Contact Form block. It does not apply to forms built with Flo Forms Pro, any customizations you do with Flo Forms Pro have priority over the Form Style options.

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