Fade effect, Background color & Link styling settings

With our new Pronto theme, the global and most required settings by our clients are now grouped together into the "Options" tab of the Flotheme→Generics section.

Fade effect

This feature loads content with a fading effect as you scroll down a page. See the example below:

You can manage this option separately for Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile devices as shown:

Background Color

Also, in the Options tab, you can find the settings for changing the website's background color. Click on the Pen icon which will lead you to the Flex Admin area and select a color using the color picker, or manually type in the color hex code into the designated field. There you will also be able to adjust the website text generic color and Post/Gallery content width as shown:

Link Settings

Now, the aspect of the links from your website can be simply adjusted from the Options tab. No need to use CSS code for it anymore.

Here you can choose either to apply the settings for the Content from your page and/or for the Links from your Flex Blocks.

The changes can be applied for the Color and Format of the links: Note that this will affect all links from your Page Content area, it won't also change the links from your Footer, Header, or Button Elements for example.

If you want to enable the same option for all links inside Flexblocks, check the right side setting shown below.

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