How to migrate from a Classic/Legacy theme to Pronto?

Classic Themes

If we're talking about migrating the content from your Classic theme to Pronto directly, we recommend using Flo Launch or a staging environment to avoid downtime.

Once you activate Pronto, the default header, footer & global layouts which come with the theme will be applied to your website, that's why if you are trying to get a similar layout as in your old theme we recommend adjusting these or changing the Global layouts.

For Posts & Galleries, everything you had inside your WP Content will get migrated, the meta box with images inside the Galleries will be also transferred.

Pages on the other side need to be rebuilt. If you were using Flex Blocks with your Classic Theme, you can export & import these blocks to your new website with Gutenberg Theme using the import/export option.

Important Notes:

If you had previous customizations made to your blocks or you used the Flo Pack 1 plugin, please note these will not be migrated.

Legacy Themes

As for the Legacy theme users, it will be necessary to work on a staging environment. Before activating Pronto on your website make sure you are using a PHP v7.2 or higher.

A staging environment can be created by your hosting provider.
Alternatively, you can set your website down for maintenance and work on your new website design as unfortunately, the Legacy Themes aren't compatible with the Flo Launch plugin. You can use a plugin like Under Construction to create a landing page that'd tell your viewers that your website is currently under maintenance.

If you're not sure which generation of theme you have, you can check the list below.

Classic themes*: Cannes, Crowd 2, Cube, Evora, Fiji 2, Kyoto, Leon, Lvy 2, Milea, Narcisse, Osaka, Porto 2, Rosemary 2, Trento

Legacy themes*: Blanco, Como, Cozy, Crowd Classic, Fiji Classic, Granite, Lovely Classic, Matte, Melbourne, Mimal, Monobooth, Monte, Pilot, Porto Classic, Rebecca, Rosemary Classic, Splitttone, Sydney, Vivi

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