Post Featured Image

What is the Post Featured Image?

The Featured Image (also known as a post thumbnail or cover image) is the representative cover image for the posts you have on your website. 

Why do you need a Featured Image? 

Simply because they are displayed in blocks like: 

  • listing layouts,
  • post header area,
  • Related Posts or Item Navigation blocks (usually located at the bottom of posts and provide easy access to other posts of the same category or previous and next posts),
  • other blocks such as Featured Links where selected posts are added to a slider within a page.

Users can upload featured images by clicking on the Set Featured Image button in the "Post" section as shown:

Featured Image Size

Depending on the area where the Featured Image is used within your site, we suggest that you size the image accordingly before uploading.
For example: if the Featured Image is used at the top of a blog post (some themes allow full-screen images) be sure to size the image according to the proportions of that area, e.g. 1440px x 600px.
If the Featured Image is used for post previews only (this can be a grid or a standard blog list) you can upload smaller images to fit the area where they are displayed.
Featured Images are also used within Related Posts blocks, these blocks normally use a smaller thumbnail, therefore we do not recommend sizing Featured Images based on the smaller thumbnails. Always refer to the largest area where a featured image will be used and size it accordingly.

Please also refer to our Flothemes Image Sizes guide for more info regarding image size management.

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