Social Media Links

Now, the Social Media Links will be available directly in the Flex Block. You can click on the "+" and then the "Social" button. Next, you can simply switch between social media icons or to click on the "Add Social Media" button if you want to add more icons.

To add SM Links go to your FlexBlock and add the "Social" Element.

In the Element Settings section you can find all settings related to your social media links.

There are 2 options when it comes to the functionality of the Social Element. You can either link the URL for your social media account (ie, or you can add an option so that your users can share your website's URL on one of their social media platforms.


In order to select the type of Social Media and add your URL, you simply need to click on the element and select the desired platform from the dropdown.

Using this option, when clicking on a social media icon, your client will be directed to that URL.


To select the platforms where your viewers can share your website's URL, simply click on any element and select the platform from the dropdown.

Note that not all social media platforms from the "Links" area will be available for sharing.

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