What's different?

In comparison to the older themes, the previous Slideshow Post Type from the left sidebar and the Slideshow block has been replaced with a block called Flo Slider in Pronto.

This means that you'll add the images for your slideshow directly into the block.

To do that, you must click on the "+" button and simply add the Flo Slider Block to the editor.

Next, you should click on the "Add Slide" button and add multiple images you want to have in your slideshow.

Afterward, you can customize the Slideshow layout, height, typography, and other settings. For this, you should click on the "Settings" icon(1), and in the Block tab, you will see all the settings available for the Slideshow(2). 

We strongly recommend checking all settings from the Block tab to configure your slideshow's layout, both on Desktop and Mobile, your typography, and colors. 

How to use videos inside a slideshow?

If you want to use a link for your video, simply click on the edit sign from the settings bar shown below and enable the "Add Video" option.

To use a self-hosted video, add your video to your Media Library and upload it the same way you'd add an image:

If you'd like to expand your layout's design with more dynamic blocks, we'd recommend integrating a GIF inside a FlexBlock or using our Tabs element. 

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